Proving & improving influencer marketing ROI 

Watch our on-demand webinar where we present techniques & strategies you should be following to optimize your influencer marketing ROI. We've broken down the entire influencer marketing process, & spoken to some of the biggest brands we work with, to bring clear & actionable tips for your approach.


Influencing growth proving the ROI of your influencer marketing

In this Vamp webinar, we give you the tools you need to prove and improve your marketing ROI. Vamp has broken down each stage of the influencer marketing process to provide exclusive strategies to optimize your processes and drive up your returns.  

To back up our own thoughts, we’ve spoken to some of the best performing Vamp platform users to understand how they achieve such good results. We’ve then distilled them down into clear and actionable insights for you to take away and implement yourself.

Join Luke McCarthy, Head of Marketing & Communications, for a 30-minute webinar as he gives you an exclusive rundown of the findings, with actionable tips for you to takeaway. 

What will you learn?

How to optimise your creator recruitment and selection processes to set your efforts up for success from the word go

The five fundamental areas to focus on that will drastically improve your ROI, and how to prioritise them 

Your new measurement framework that will empower you to report on your efforts to troubleshoot where your strategy is failing

Who should watch the webinar?

Brand, Social, Influencer, and Digital Marketing Managers who are looking to deliver true business value  through influencer marketing. Attendees will gain insights to help guide decisions around their own strategies and to help improve their influencer marketing ROI. 

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