What consumers want from influencer marketing 

Join us as we present the findings from our global survey of consumers in which we delved into their sentiments and behaviours surrounding influencer marketing. We've discovered how your audience are most impacted by your creator collaborations, and what's most likely to make them convert. 

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In this Vamp webinar, we turn our attention to the heartbeat of influencer marketing: the consumers. We delve into their sentiments, explore the content that resonates, and uncover the impact on their purchasing decisions.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of your customers to gain insights into the type of messaging that influences their behaviour the most. On top of this, we’ve delved into the channels they’re most likely to take action on. Finally, we’ve provided demographic nuances to help you to take away as many relevant insights for your audience.

Join Luke McCarthy, Head of Marketing & Communications, for a 30-minute webinar as he gives you an exclusive rundown of the findings, with actionable tips for you to takeaway. 

What will you learn?

Have consumers’ changing sentiments to influencer marketing led to a positive or negative change?

The content types and channels that consumers want to see creator content and which will lead to positive engagement

When, where & how consumers are most likely to convert having engaged with creator content

Who should watch the webinar?

Brand, Social, Influencer, and Digital Marketing Managers who are looking to deliver true business value  through influencer marketing. Attendees will gain insights to help guide decisions around their own strategies and to help improve their influencer marketing ROI. 

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